Our teams participate in social projects we are proud of that!

We take active part supporting a wheelchair basketball club in Wiesbaden – the Rhine River Rhinos -, who play in the german “Bundesliga”, the highest league in Germany. Furthermore we back up “Wiesbaden engagiert”, a loose combination of companies from Wiesbaden, which support social activities once in a year with money and workforce.


The Rhine River Rhinos

The Rhine River Rhinos

During the season we proudly fit out the Rhinos with technical equipment and manpower in their home games in the Rhino-Dome, their sports hall in Wiesbaden Klarenthal. The energetic attitude with which the team of the wheelchair drivers tries to take any obstacle, has had a catching influence on our company. That’s why this is a match: to bear the daily challenges for ourselves and the community and to bundle the ressources and achieve our goals.





Get more information here www.rhine-river-rhinos.de

Wiesbaden engagiert

Wiesbaden engagiert

Our hightlight of the year is a heartfelt wish for us: once in a year our whole team is potterering around to realize a social project. It goes without saying that this happens completely voluntarily. Garden fences, water slides in nursery schools, greenhouses in retirement homes, teepees in schoolyards – we have built and tinkered almost any- and everything. Unpaid, but with lots of fun and never-ending dedication.

Get more information here www.wiesbaden.de

Wi für Kultur – das Online-Charity-Festival

Wi für Kultur ist das Online-Charity-Festival zur Unterstützung der Wiesbadener Kulturszen:ein Live-Stream mit einer ganz besonderen Mischung von Wiesbadener Künstlern aus unterschiedlichen Kultur-Genres, um Spenden zu sammeln und diese an regionale Künstler als Soforthilfe 1:1 weiterzuleiten. Los ging es am 4. Juli 2020 im schönen Wiesbadener Kurhaus.
Mehr dazu: www.wifuerkultur.de


Social engagement

Wir sind besonders aktiv bei den Rhine River Rhinos und Wiesbaden engagiert, die sich jeweils einmal im Jahr dazu entschließen, mit Geld und Arbeitskraft eine Aktion in sozialen Einrichtungen zu unterstützen.
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