INSIDE The people behind the scene

Lothar Pohl


… has founded the agency in 1989. As qualified bank clerk, musician and graduated innovation-manager he knows how to combine business and creativity. Together with his perfectly adjusted team he has directed up to now over 2.000 events. Palast Promotion means to him what many people dream of: making his hobby his business. Through his contacts with creative people of all kinds as well as the service industry the agency is interwoven in a European wide, well working network.

“Everybody said: this can’t be done. But there was one, who did not know this – and he did it!”

Michael Stein


… has often been asked how he became an event manager with a degree in theology and sports? His answer: With heart and mind, and a healthy load of creativity. He takes advantage of his year long experience to advise our clients with great empathy in planning and directing their events. Even during the most tense moments he always stays calm, keeps his mind to the goals and conveys confidence.

“The nicest thing about some of the successes are the side-effects.”

Gabriela Wossidlo

Project Management

… found her way to event-management on detours about 15 years ago. Bevore she worked in the medical business and also was the head of a family-company. These experiences help her in planing and realizing diverse events. Empathy and the ability to cope with stress are her major strengths. She loves to relax in her own garden among friends with a good meal.

“Enthusiasm convinces.”

Oliver Dimde

Technical Manager

… takes care of the frictionless technological course of events. He is the indisputable, invisable man behind the scene, directing decoration, light, video and sound. As early as the start of event conception he begins to work out the perfect setting for the entire technological equipment.
He is project-leader and contact for one of our exclusive premium-event-location: the jugend-kultur-kirche sankt peter.

“The bitterness of bad quality continues to linger on, even after the sweet taste of low price has long been forgotten.”

Frank Hoffmann

Project Manager /
Technical Manager

… is for many years a solid member of the team. His talent for organisiation and project-leading had its finishing with his services for the Bundeswehr. After he re-educated in event-merchandising and since works on event-concepts with great passion and creativity. He is project-leader and contact for one of our exclusive premium-event-location: the Lufthansa-Flight-Training Center. Our customers like him for his friendliness and helpfullness. Teamwork is his passion also during spare time: He enjoys being a football-trainer.

Information about Lufthansa-Flight-Training Center.

“Perfect planning saves from unpleasant surprises!”

Ralf Hamm


… was already in the 1990’s underway throughout Europe in controlling and finance-optimization. Back in good old Germany for ten years now, he considers himself the treasure-hunter among the book-keepers and dives down into the depts of diverse records and files to search for hidden money. The most important thing for him: Humor!

„One does not become rich by earning, but by not spending.“

Frank Wistuba

Project Manager

… fand nach seiner Ausbildung zum Elektroinstallateur und seiner Liebe zur Musik zu seiner wahren Berufung, der Tontechnik. Für Palast Promotion betreut er als technischer Leiter vorwiegend die Veranstaltungen in der Jugendkulturkirche sankt peter, Frankfurt.

„Auch das lauteste Getöse großer Ideale darf uns nicht verwirren und nicht hindern, den einen leisen Ton zu hören, auf den alles ankommt.“

Melanie Engelmann

Project Assistant / Trainees

… after finishing the commercial college Melanie wanted to gain practical experience as a management assistant in event organisation, before taking up studies in event management. All this can be achieved within our company. She is interested in sports, fitness and swimming, which goes along with a special inherent dynamical attitude, which she swiftly passes along to her teammates within the company.

“Succes comes along, when you love what you do.”

Peter Richter


… – composer, musician and producer – is one of the creative heads of Palast Promotion. Aside his work for the film and movie industry he writes music for all kinds of events and productions. He is also prizewinner of the “Goldene Stimmgabel des ZDF” (the “Golden Tuning Fork” of the Second German TV-channel).

Infos Peter Richter:

“Art is beautiful, but also requires hard work.”

Ann-Katrin Schlereth

Project Management /
Artists Program

… after her accomplished studies of economical psychology Ann-Katrin has joined Palast Promotion for the first steps in her professional career. Significant challenges were waiting right from the start: the coordination of major events (like for instance “The Night Of Music”, where a symphony orchestra, several choires, a rock band and a dozen of diverse artists have to be harmonized) mean a lot of fun to her. Furthermore she has taken over the company training of the new basic software and of course she is the sunshine at the team meetings each and every morning.

“Since it’s beneficial for the physical health, I have decided to be happy. (Voltaire)”

Michael Conradi

Fairbuilding / Director

… constructs exhibition platforms for Palast Promotion. He is thus responsible for the quick and practical implementation of ideas and concepts. His talent for organization and tremendous mental grasp, paired with unconventional ideas, transform wishes and visions of our clients into spectacular individual presentations at fairs.

“You must long for the impossible in order to reach the possible.”

Dieter Kramer

Messebau Ingenieur

… hat über die Praxis zur Theorie gefunden. Als Diplom-Designer entwirft und gestaltet er heute Bühnen- und Messebauten zunächst im virtuellen Raum. Und wie die meisten bei Palast Promotion ist auch er Musiker, allerdings der einzige Trommler.

Infos Dieter Kramer:

„Alles hat seinen Rhythmus.“

Felix Kreyscher

Project Assistant

… hat durch sein Fachabitur in Elektrotechnik und der Arbeit in der Veranstaltungstechnik seine Leidenschaft für die Veranstaltungsbranche entdeckt. Die Vielseitigkeit und Herausforderungen, die mit der Ausbildung zum Eventkaufmann verbunden sind begeistern ihn täglich aufs Neue.

„Wer Freude bei der Arbeit hat, ist im Stande viel zu leisten.“


Ulli von Eicken

IT Support

… is responsible for the it-infrastructure of Palast Promotion, so he is taking care of the smooth run of the server and the communication within our workstations. Thanks to the network he is able to solve a lot of problems from home. But if his presence is demanded in the Palast office, the team is welcoming him, because of his open-minded and well-humoured nature.

“Communication is everything.”

Don Weaver

Touring Management /
Artists Support

… for over two decades Don has been on the road now with our artists on all stages of the world. Ray Charles, Bobby McFerrin, or Peter Gabriel – they all appreciated Don for being a well seasoned man of action, a qualified down cooler and of course as the guy who solves all problems. Who wonders, as a musician, Don always exactly feels how to motivate other artists. And all festival managers have a good feeling, when they see Don alighting the bus as the first one coming out.

“After the show is ahead of the show”